The Aviva has a unique design, which makes it a feast for the eyes and its idiosyncratic shape will get you into ecstatic atmospheres. The 10 different vibration patterns are coming from a new rechargeable and unique, innovative technology making it unbelievably strong. The texture of the Aviva gives an astonishing stimulation boost and the tongue feels amazing against your skin. Made from waterproof, highgrade and anti-dust silicone. With the Aviva you will feel absolutely special!

– USB Rechargeable: Yes
– Waterproof: Yes
– Material: Anti-dust silicone
– Button control: Yes
– Measurements: 198 x 35 mm
– Climax Function: Yes
– Working Time: 70 min
– Product Weight: 122 g
– Speed Modes: 10
– Charging time: 130 min
– Rotations Per Minute: 10000
– Noise Level: 59db