VIVE is a new phenomenon in the world of luxury adult pleasure products, designed by Shots’ own in-house studio. All toys are made of super soft medical grade silicone and the beautiful ergonomic designs with Rose golden details give extra glamour to this brand. There are a total of thirteen products, which are all USB-rechargeable and come in the colors Pink, Purple and Black. One of the reasons that Shots calls VIVE a one of a kind brand is due the fact that every toy has a specific feature. For instance the Cleo has the possibility to twist 180 degrees and bend it into a “Z”-shape. The Enoki is a massager equipped with incredible soft cushions, giving comfortable pulsations and relaxing patterns.

Most of the VIVE toys have a new function called “climax feature”, that will give an amazing boost at full strength. The Néa and Zeki have a unique feature, making them one of the most innovative products that Shots has released to date. They are controllable through an app that can be downloaded for free from the Play store or the App store. With this app the toy can be operated via a Bluetooth connection, allowing the users to create their own vibration pattern! They simply draw a wave pattern in a line graph that lets them play with 10 different vibration strengths over a time lapse of 5 seconds. These features make VIVE one of the most sophisticated and exclusive brands.